Dad + I Were Here

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th. In anticipation of this day it may be filled with that pit in your stomach feeling or just a deep sadness. We wanted to share 5 quick tips that may help you and your family as you prepare.

  • Plan - coming up with a plan can help with the dreaded anticipation of the day.

  • Control - allow each person in the family a say in how they'd like to honor their Dad on Father's Day.

  • Feel - allow yourself to feel each emotion - they all are okay. 

  • Release - do what you need to do to release those emotions - need 5 minutes to cry - do it. Feeling angry that your children don't have their Dad this year - throw something. It's okay just release the emotions. Label the emotions as they come and say them out loud to your children. They are looking to you to know how to grieve. Model healthy coping.

  • Honor - your family gets to choose how you'd to honor the Dad in your life - make it personal & special.

A friend of A Haven shared an idea that we love - "We Were Here."

Plan a day in honor of Father's Day. Each child gets to pick a place where it felt special to be with their Dad. Whether that is a restaurant, a park, a place - it can be anywhere and as simple as the backyard. Each child gets to choose how they'd like to celebrate their Dad in that special place. Ask your children where was special to you and Daddy? Plan it out and release a balloon at each place or take a picture at each place or just be there and have a fun snack. No right or wrong answer here - you get to choose.

If your children were too young to have memories of their Dad - think about taking them to a place their Dad loved and share with them why he loved it there. 

Our hearts our with you as you prepare for this day. The tears may come but also may sweet memories come as well.