Grief in the Summer

Yup, it is hot, summer is most definitely here.  There are festivals, trips, outdoor activities, and many other events going on.   However, if you recently experienced the death of a loved one, everything you used to enjoy about summer may be different. 

For kids, school may have actually been a place to retreat from their grief.  Sometimes being at home can bring more grief to the surface.  This is normal.   Grief can also be more intense during the summertime.  Many families find it hard to cope with sadness at a time when it seems like everyone else is out there having fun.  It is normal to have these feelings; know you are not alone. Summer can be hard.  Here are some ideas for how to endure the rest of the summer:

  • Go outside, if possible.  A dose of vitamin D helps people cope with stress.
  • Try some of the things you enjoyed previously in summer and see if they are still fun, you might be surprised and have fun.  Laughter is healing.
  • Kids can feel guilty about having fun and enjoying summer break.  Remind them it is OK to have fun and enjoy life after death. 
  • It is helpful for everyone to stick to a routine so there is less unstructured time in their day.
  • Try doing something that brings a happy memory to mind, like making their favorite summer food or going fishing because your loved one loved to fish.
  • Maybe try something that you have never done before and make it a new tradition.

Most importantly - Find others who are grieving and hang out.  It is always helpful to be around others who get that you feel like a downer at every picnic.  You are not alone.  If you live nearby, A Haven is hosting a social picnic for grieving children and their parent(s)/guardians. Extended family welcome as well! 

Thursday, August 9th from 6-8pm. This will be a fun opportunity to be with other families with children who are grieving. This is a low key event with food, games and community.  To register for the picnic, click below. We hope to see you there!