Grieving Families

We are here as a support to your grieving family. Whether a loved one has been given a terminal illness, your family is grieving the death of a loved in the last month or you are a year or more into your grief walk - we are here as a support to your family. Our approach is unique in that we believe in helping children grieve through a family centered approach. Our focus is to support all the members your family together. 


How A Haven Can Support Your Family

In person, via email, or phone support. Topics include:

  • How to talk to your child about an upcoming death or terminal illness

  • What is appropriate signs of grief in children

  • Healthy coping strategies for your children
  • When to seek additional support for your family
  • Ideas for creating a legacy and honoring your loved one's life

Educational Resources 

If you are looking for resources for your children, such as a book list, grief & development or how to explain that a loved one is dying - please see our Educational Resources page. There are a variety of topics covered that may be helpful to you and your family. 


What Is Happening Now

General Loss Family Night
Thursday, March 8th from 630pm-8pm in Exton.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your family, please email Clinical Director, Liz Dreibelbis at:


Community Support

Whether you are a teacher, social worker, nurse or pastor - A Haven is here to support the people who work with children & families in our community. 

Grief Education and Training

We can provide training for your staff and/or volunteers on how to support grieving families, how to talk to children about death and dying, as well as provide a space for debriefing and self care after a death. Please contact us for more information and suggested donation for these services. 

In addition, check out our Resources Page.

A Haven has trained over 150 community members in how to support grieving children and families and has walked along side numerous families in their time of grief.