Grief support for families

A Haven provides grief support for children and teens ages 3 to 18 years of age and their families.

Children and teens view death and express grief differently than adults and depending on developmental age. Every child is unique. Therefore, it is vital to provide creative outlets for the expression of grief. Grief is something that never goes away completely but it is our mission to provide ways that will allow children, teens and their families the opportunity to express their grief in healthy avenues.

Groups provide a variety of avenues for children and teens to express what they are going through. These avenues include: music, games, journaling, normalizing play, art and sharing with peers. In addition, we encourage and empower children and teens to find ways to honor their loved one's legacy. 



A Haven will offer a bi-monthly family night. We will begin our night with dinner with other families and then we will break off into age appropriate peer to peer groups. A corresponding parent group will also be provided.