A Haven has trained over 100 community members in how to support grieving children and families and has walked along side numerous families in their time of grief. 

“Our church as a whole was completely shaken after one of our middle school students died by suicide... A Haven was a vital part of our role as a staff on how to care not only for this student’s family, but for our whole church body. We had many parents ask questions on how to help their children grieve, and the resources we were able to provide from what a Haven gave us were tremendously helpful...Being given the language to use to help kids understand something so hard to understand was a relief for us as a staff who were at a loss for words ourselves. A Haven was a gift to our church family and church staff as we walked through such a hard time of grief.” 

- Community Member 

“The comfort and support is amazing. My children find joy in expressing how they feel when doing the creative play and I as their mother have a sense of comfort knowing they are involved in this program. It has also made them more confident in expressing their feelings of the loss of family members. They look forward to group and have told other family members about how much they like it.” 

- Parent

“A Haven supported my family during the first year when my daughter died. My children were able to be themselves and find comfort in the program.” 

- Parent